A Small Kitchen

Tips to Organize Yours Small Kitchen

Even a full size kitchen can easily become unorganized.  Having a small kitchen makes it even harder.  Here are some tips to help you organize yours to make it more functional. First of all, remove everything from all your cabinets.  When you get to the food, throw out anything that is expired. Any cleaning products you haven’t used in a year should be tossed.  Try to purchase cleaning products that […]

Small Kitchen Remodel 3

Small Kitchen Remodel Do-It-Yourself Project

You probably ever think about having your own small kitchen remodel project as it will help you save money by not hiring professionals. As a matter of fact, you unlikely need professionals’ service since it won’t be a very long term project and there are just not too many stuff to adjust. Thanks to the little size of your kitchen. In this article, we will explain you a couple of […]